Kickoff to ski season


The Boys and Girls ski team hold their practices after school at Mulligan’s Hollow.

The girls and boys ski teams started their season off Tuesday, Jan.7 at Cannonsburg Ski Area. Their next meet takes place again at Cannonsburg Tuesday, Jan. 28.

The boys have been holding extra practices and putting in extra laps outside of the normal practices trying to improve their skills from last season.

“Our whole team went out to Copper Mountain over Thanksgiving break for a week training,” senior Ryan Tongue said. “I know we are just pushing harder than we ever had.”

The team hopes to make it to states this season and is racing towards the regional competition right now.

The girls are holding practices every day after school at Mulligan’s Hollow, working hard in the process.

“We have a lot of new ski racers this year,” sophomore Kate Kendall said. “With the more training we have, the better and stronger we will be.”

This year they are consistently second in the conference and they are looking forward to hopefully becoming conference champions.