In Focus with Ava Buitenhuis

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Ava Buitenhuis was recognized for her hard work in both academics and extracurricular activities by being named January’s Rotary Student of the Month. Let’s take a deeper dive into what it takes to get this reward, and what being Rotary student of the month entails. 

What are some of those achievements that you think put you ahead? 

I’m in the Student Senate. I was president of that this year. I feel like that definitely helped. I’m in NHS, BALC, those are my three main clubs and then I play soccer and basketball also. I’ve gotten good grades, and have taken some AP classes. 

What was the rotary meeting like?

They just did their normal meeting, they do weekly meetings, and we kind of just sat at the beginning of it. Then I had to go up and give a quick speech and talk about what I had done in high school and then I also chose to acknowledge Mrs. Gervais as my teacher. So I talked a little bit about her and like how I appreciate everything that she’s done for me. Then they gave us some Dune Dollars, that was nice.

Why did you pick Mrs. Gervais to represent you? 

She has been my senate advisor for all four years, as well as my teacher my sophomore year, but I have become super close to her. She has been so supportive all of high school. Mrs. Gervais is also super fun to be around, my friends and I all love her. She’s always so kind giving to her students and she’ll reach out about anything. I like how much dedication she puts into everything, especially with the Senate. Being an advisor takes so much time out of their lives and they’re doing it for free.  

How did you feel when you got picked?

It’s always a nice compliment when you get something like that because it kind of affirms all the work you’ve done. So it was nice to get appreciated for that and have my work acknowledged.

What is the most fun or interesting thing that has happened to you in the last month?

I went to Florida. That was fun. It was over Christmas break, so I guess that actually wasn’t in the last month but like I’m counting it. It was actually so cold though  it kind of sucked. The last three days were super nice, but it was raining the entire time. Which was unfortunate.  

What kind of music do you listen to?

It really depends on my mood. Like I will listen to whatever genre fits. It seriously just depends on the mood.

Favorite season? 

Summer, I love the sun. You feel tired unless the sun is out.

What are your hobbies?

I love going on hikes outside, reading, laying in the sun, going to the beach, I like to bake too.