Catalina club prepares for upcoming shows

Maddie Monroe, Editor in Chief

The Catalina Club’s annual performance begins on Friday, with shows at seven and nine p.m. and Saturday at one, four and seven p.m. in the high school aquatic center. This year’s theme is “Lights, Camera, Catalina” and includes songs like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, “Stole the Show”, “Disturbia” and “Diamonds”.

Catalina adviser Betsy Ainsworth is looking forward to seeing how the show comes together and appreciates how rare such shows are.

“This is a totally unique experience for the audience that not many communities or high schools offer,” Ainsworth said. “If you google clubs in Michigan, I haven’t found any that are in high schools. East GR offers a Saturday class but no shows so our program is really is unusual.”

This year’s officers have been working for months to prepare for the show, putting in 35 hours of work a week to have everything go smoothly. After all the hard work, they are highly anticipating the show.

“I’m really excited to finally see all the hard work we put in,” Audrey Rues said. “So I’m really looking forward to seeing the final product. It’s a lot of girls favorite time of the year and it’s my favorite weekend, I love seeing how excited everyone is.”