Stan’s Tacos: satisfactory food with an enjoyable atmosphere


Sydney Kroll

The colorful theme is one of the many things which make Stan’s Tacos a great place to hang out.

While driving down Beacon Blvd, you may have stumbled across Stan’s Tacos, a quirky Mexican restaurant and a recent development to Grand Haven.

Right off the bat, I noticed Stan’s Tacos’ welcoming environment. Looking around, there are plenty of fun colors, surfboards, and even a mural dedicated to Grand Haven. The atmosphere is pleasing and set with a beachy theme. 

The food itself was satisfactory. The flavor was nice and the menu has a variety of different options. The only criticism I have is that the food could be considered a bit pricey for the portions you receive, nonetheless, it is still enjoyable. 

In terms of recommendations, there are many good options on this menu, but here are some to look out for if you make your way over:

CHIPS AND ELOTE CORN: This appetizer is definitely one to seek out. As someone who enjoys traditional elote corn, I was intrigued to see how it would end up. Needless to say it did not disappoint. It not only tasted good, but it was also unique in the sense that I have never seen anything like it elsewhere. 

STAN’S WET BURRITO: Of the entrees I tried, the wet burrito was one of my favorites. The sauce has a unique flavor, but in the best way. It isn’t like that traditional enchilada-like sauce that you can generally find in the canned goods section at Meijer. The burrito itself was a decent size and contained plenty of filling. 

CHURROS: These fried treats were a sweet, enjoyable way to end off the meal, but what really topped it off for me was the sauces it came with. Although churros are good on their own, the addition of the rich chocolate and sweet caramel sauces is what made it great. They paired very well with the churros and it wasn’t overly sweet. 

All in all, this restaurant is a must try, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in stopping by. It has a variety of unique menu items, unlike anything I have seen elsewhere, and it is a great place to hang out with friends.