Q&A with Audrey Reus


Maddie Monroe

Senior Audrey Reus warms up for practice before a big match closing out the season.

Wyatt Eikenberry, Reporter

Audrey Reus is a senior at Grand Haven High school. She has been playing competitive golf for the school for four consecutive years.


Can you describe how your season has been going so far?


We started off pretty rough, most of the time we would only have one or two people score really well and the rest would just be pretty mediocre. We’re never really at the top of the conference just because we’re not as serious as the other teams, but we still try so we’re normally like the middle of the conference. We started off fifth and now we’re working our way up into fourth and third place which is getting a lot better, we’re getting a lot more consistent because it’s near the end of the season. We’re practicing all the time and playing a lot more. It’s gradually been getting better but it didn’t start off the greatest.


What do you think was the cause of the low point of your season?


I think it was just lack of practice and inconsistency, not all of us practice in the summer so I think we just needed a while to get in the groove of golf again.


What have you struggled with the most?


My drives have been really good, but my putting is always kind of inconsistent, sometimes I’m lucky with my putts, [Yesterday] I sunk three twelve-foot putts and that’s not normal for me, but also [yesterday] I four-putted a few holes because it would roll around the hole. Sometimes I feel like I need to be more consistent with my putts just to take three strokes off my game, I think that would probably be the worst area of my game.


What do you think caused the turning point in the season?


Team wise, our match at East Kentwood really gave us some confidence and and urge to compete better. Most of our team scored in the 40s and we placed third which was the best we have done this season.


What’s your expectation for post season?


Post season was yesterday and we did really well and we shot our all time low this season, most of us shot under one hundred which was good, we got fourth and we were really close to third. Then we have regionals next week, I’m hoping to maybe make it to states and I think our number one might make it to states too, but we’re hoping to all just shoot under one hundred and keep our consistency there.

Have you scored a 90 at any other points this season other than postseason?


This season hasn’t been very good for me, I don’t know why I’ve been kind of in a slump, but I’m coming out of it for the past 2 matches. I normally score there, I was really close to breaking 90 then my putt rolled around the hole on the last shot so that was disappointing but I’m okay with it, I still scored in the top ten out of everybody there so it was still good.


How many years have you been playing golf?


I’ve been playing golf since I was like four. So however long that’s been. I wasn’t really competitive when I was little. I used to play league all the time and I played at my country club, it was like junior golf. That was somewhat competitive because there were a bunch of tournaments and stuff, I have a bunch of golf trophies from winning those but high school golf was kind of where I got serious. I don’t play a lot outside of high school golf just because I play tennis too and I’m more competitive in that sport but I’ve been playing competitively all my life, but high school is probably the most competitive I’ve ever gotten.