Lady Bucs basketball closes out home series against second Traverse City school


Maddie Monroe

Head Coach Kowalczyk-Fulmer leads the team in a huddle during their first game of the season against Traverse City Central. The Lady Bucs hope to win consecutive games against Traverse City schools with a victory today over TC West.

Ashton Voorhees, Reporter

The Lady Bucs will face Traverse City West in their second game against a Traverse City team in two days on Dec. 2. Coach K pinpointed that playing fast transition basketball is a goal of the team early in their season.

“I think this year I think we’re a little bit deeper in our rotation and we’ve been pressing,” said coach Kowalczyk-Fulmer. “You can’t always press every team depending on the speed and how good of a team it is, but we’re definitely going to look to press more this year and create some offense from our defense.”

Kowalczyk-Fulmer likes the team’s’ chances, and credits them for how balanced they are overall on the court.

“One thing I really like about this year’s team is that we have a really good balance between guards and post,” said Kowalczyk-Fulmer. “Some years you’re more guard oriented and some years you’re post oriented, and I think we have a really good balance between guards and post, I think we’re gonna hurt teams with scoring from both inside and outside.”

The team ultimately aims to make forward progress and steps towards top level basketball in the early stretch of the season. A hot start that features growth in every game is key in preparing for the always-rigorous O.K. Red basketball slate that lies ahead.

“We want to come out and take care of business and protect the home court, and every time we step on the floor we want to get better and every game we want to take a step forward” said coach Kowalczyk-Fulmer. “I think this team has a chance to win some championships but it’s gonna be tough in the O.K. Red.”