Girls tennis canceled due to COVID-19


Senior Samantha Korecki serves the ball while preparing for her match.

Some people saw it coming and others didn’t. But whether they saw it coming or not, it all comes down to the fact that almost everyone was disappointed, sad, or upset when they heard the news the MHSAA was cancelling all spring sports, including tennis.

Senior Samantha Korecki was one of the people who didn’t see the change coming. Korecki would’ve probably been one of the captains for the team. She was number two in singles.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting it,” Korecki said. “It was disappointing. I was excited for this year’s season but what are you gonna do about it.”

Without a spring sport, it can be hard to continue to keep up the motivation to workout and keep your body moving. Playing a sport keeps you in shape but is also a fun way to do so.

“To be frank, I miss the exercise because I’m so bad at exercising on my own,” Korecki said. “I like playing tennis because it’s fun for me. Now it is up to me to do it on my own which is unfortunate and I have to do it by myself.”

Senior Lilja Plumert was one of the people who suspected all the cancellations and transformation to a new normal. Plumert had been playing tennis for the past four years, was number one in singles, and was one of the other top picks to be varsity captain this year for the team.

“At first I was like wow I expected that,” Plumert said. “But now as it has set in for a while it’s like now all of my time and energy that I spent, I did that all for nothing.”

Being a senior in a varsity sport, not being able to play in your last year of high school, it is especially sad and upsetting to see all the hard work and excitement of this season go to waste. However, going through these tough situations teaches us new things that we can pass down to the grades below us.

“Tennis for Grand Haven is more of a fun thing to do rather than a competitive thing,” Plumert said. “Take practice seriously, then you will realize there is more to tennis than just the fun aspect. You can gain skill and you can really work up to a goal for the season. This is the only period of the year when you are actually playing tennis every day, so take advantage of that.”