Anatomy classes hold blood drive

Todd Diederichsen and his anatomy class sponsored a blood drive on April 16. The 82 students who participated donated 60 units of blood to Michigan Blood.


“We want to try to get high school kids to have the opportunity to give and to see how cool it is to help other people, but do it in a setting where they can do it with their friends,” Diederichsen said.


The process begins with a health history questionnaire and a finger poke to test the participant’s hemoglobin, pulse and temperature. If the donor is in good health they have a snack and are ready to donate.

So why not give if you’re healthy enough to give?

— Michigan Blood phlebotomist Beth VanMeurs

“Once you successfully give six times you can earn your red honor cord to wear at graduation and that’s always prestigious,” Diedrichsen said.


Although many people are wary of needles and blood, most students assure that the pinch was better than expected.


“There are so many people like out in the world that need this to help them survive, and it’s not like it’s a terrible thing,” donor Megan Stroud said.  


A Michigan Blood employee informs anyone hesitant to donate that it is healthy to give blood.


“My favorite line is I’d rather be on the giving side of it than the receiving side of it,” Michigan Blood phlebotomist Beth VanMeurs said.


VanMeurs reminds that there is no man-made substitute for blood making donations a necessity. Donating blood is an opportunity to serve the community and saves lives.


“If you needed blood or a loved one needed a blood product you would hope that it would be there,” VanMeurs said. “So why not give if you’re healthy enough to give?”