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GHAPS leaders respond to parent group’s criticism of literature

GHAPS leaders respond to parent group's criticism of literature

Bucs' Blade Staff

March 9, 2020

On Jan. 13 at the Grand Haven Area Public Schools Board of Education Meeting, a concerned parent, Jenifer Stuppy, brought to attention a list of books she deemed were “sexually explicit”. In particular, Stuppy took issue with One Man Guy and the supposed graphic sexual situations mentioned in it....

Chalkboard changes perspectives

Sophomore Grace Compagner poses for her photo.

Addy Wachter, Photo Editor

March 3, 2020

Jennifer Gwinnup, art teacher at Spring Lake High School, is known for “just teach[ing] an elective” by the other staff members at her school. According to some, art isn’t as important as the other classes and it isn’t a hard class to teach; art is just an elective and nothing else. Even though...

Milligan’s Mitten Mobile provides quality detailing

A piece of cloth is used to wipe down the car from the soapy exterior.

Natalie Dupuis, Assigning Editor

January 17, 2020

Mud and dust are sprayed off a car as the water hits the surface. The car is soaked in water and drips down the driveway leaving a trail. The water is then changed to soap and soap is sprayed in every crease and crevice of the car's exterior. It looks like a giant spray paint project with the so...

The Journey of Jolee

Houle passes the ball in the Bucs Pride game against Spring Lake on Friday Dec. 20.

Addy Wachter, Photo Editor

January 16, 2020

The level of focus on the game becomes maxed out as senior Jolee Houle tunes into the voices of her coach and teammates, zeroing in on where the ball will be next. The shouting from the crowd is lost from her mind. Focusing on what is happening on the court and trying to stay calm are her only two concerns...

Senior discovers passion for video

Senior Oscar Sipe adjusts the camera as he films the announcements for the Lumberjacks hockey game. “Kids our age, their first job is like going to McDonald’s or Wendy’s, my first job is doing drum gigs and filming hockey teams,” Sipe said. “Life, it’ll do what it will and it’ll set me on the path but so far this seems to be the path that I am enjoying and getting paid for, so it seems like a good option.”

Morgan Womack, Co-Editor-In-Chief

December 5, 2019

Senior Oscar Sipe never goes home. It’s 4:00 p.m. on a recent Friday night and Sipe isn’t out with his friends or unwinding at home like most high schoolers. No, you can find him at the LC Walker Arena chatting with his coworkers cheerfully as he sets up his equipment. The stadium is empty, the L...

Bad breath(alyzing)

Tube time

Caleb Berko and Sam Woiteshek

November 26, 2019

Senior Olivia Striegle strolls through the brisk autumn air, swings open the shiny, metallic doors to the athletic entrance and immediately becomes log-jammed by a thick line of people. But there is no cause for concern - this is typical for any high school dance. As the line crawls its way to ...

Ackerman’s army

Ackerman's army

Addy Wachter, Photo Editor

November 26, 2019

The voices of the crowd become muted as her feet respond to the command of the announcer barking, “Swimmers, step up.” The silent pressure from the audience is soon transferred into excited energy. “Take your marks” echoes throughout the pool deck. As she takes one last deep breath, the buzzer...



Grace Montgomery, Managing Editor for Design

November 26, 2019

Exchange students from all over the world set foot into Grand Haven High School, overwhelmed with their new surroundings. “Exchange students, you know, are just like any other kid,” teacher Ben Lawrence said. “They want friends, they want to feel connected. But, it's not necessarily their job...