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Central High School Graduation 2021

Central High School and CyberSchool Graduation 2021

Camille Berko, Managing Editor for Content June 4, 2021

Teacher David Funk helps create a personalized schedule for one of many students that come to him for class advice. By having close connections with his students, Funk knows what will be best for their future

Funk forms a new ‘Central’; diminishes past stereotypes with new leadership

Chris Hudson, Editor in Chief November 28, 2018

Take a left turn then journey through the tainted yellow halls of Central High School to the figurative core of the building: the second to last room on the right, or simply, Mr. Funk’s space. Space,...

Q&A with Central High School principal Paul Kunde

Q&A with Central High School principal Paul Kunde

Maddie Monroe, Editor in Chief November 27, 2018

When did you start being the principal at Central? “Well this is my 25th year in education total, I’ve spent some time in Spring Lake, Ravenna and Hamilton. In 2006 I had the opportunity to come...

Addressing the stereotype of Central High School

Addressing the stereotype of Central High School

Only four miles and change separate two contrasting institutions, one of which is Central High School, smaller and less recognized, but many do not know what Central is really about.
Maddie Monroe and Chris Hudson November 27, 2018

When walking into Central High School, it’s hard not to notice how different it is than Grand Haven High School. As students enter the building in the morning, every teacher lines up at the door, greeting...

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