5 Christmas song remakes

Sarah Jane Chrysler, Co-editor in chief

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Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone in a flash, and the same old Christmas music is out and on the loose again. While some songs have only changed ever so slightly over the years, others have undergone complete remakes. Here is a list of old versus new, and good versus bad to help you weed out the not so merry Christmas remakes. 

“Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”

Classic Version: Darlene Love                                                                                               Best Remake:  Michael Bublé

This song is a personal favorite. Nothing can top Darlene Love’s classic original sound, but Bublé does a great job at holding on to it. He didn’t try to change the song to make it his own, instead, he just plays off of and expands its energy.

“Someday At Christmas”

Classic Version: Stevie Wonder                                                                                               Best Remake: Jack Johnson

Johnson takes a very different approach to this song giving it a more folk feel than the original soul-filled Stevie Wonder version. It should be noted that Wonder has released multiple different versions  of the song with singer Andra Day throughout the years. Jack Johnson’s rendition of the song maintains the bones of the classic, while twisting it just enough to give it a fresh and new sound, that is very different from the original.  

“Do You Hear What I Hear?”

Classic Version: Bing Crosby                                                                                                   Best Remake: Josh Rosenthal (feat. Susie Hirsch)

Personally, I like Rosenthal’s version the best. It is very simple and relaxed with only acoustic instruments. While Crosby’s sounds like a kind of march, Rosenthal’s is something to listen to while relaxing and sipping a cup of coffee near the Christmas tree. It is the type of song that just makes you smile because you feel good when you hear it.

“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

Classic Version: Judy Garland                                                                                                   Best Remake: Sam Smith

This one was hard. There are so many classic versions and so many beautiful new ones, but the best always keep the song very simple and slow. It is an iconic Christmas carol that just brings everyone together. Both Garland and Smith’s versions stay true to the original song giving it a warmth that many versions lack.

“Silent Night”

Classic Version: Nat “King” Cole                                                                                               Best Remake: Lennon and Maisy

This is a tie. Nat “King” Cole’s album “The Christmas Song” is my all time favorite, but this new version by Lennon and Maisy has a beautiful warmth. Their folk voices make it feel modern but the fact that it is just their voices and an acoustic guitar give it that close your eyes and just listen vibe.

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