Food pantry continues to support families in GH


(Photo courtesy of Angie Prieditis)

PANTRY: Walls are filled with different items that have been donated to the Bucs’ Care Food Pantry.

The Bucs’ Care Food Pantry is for high school students and their families. There’s no paperwork except for a Google Form for students and families to fill out so the student committee can find out their favorite foods, any food allergies and how many people are in their home.

“Any student and family can be a part of it,” advisor Angie Prieditis said. “They don’t have to qualify. The student committee that I have help don’t ever see names. That’s all kept private.”

Normally, donations are dropped off in the main office, but because of COVID-19, donations are now taken care of outside for contactless donation drop offs.

“We collect anything from pasta, raw vegetables, fruit and anything that we would put in a recipe or most of the ingredients that are in recipes,” Prieditis said. 

Cleaning supplies, hygiene products and gluten free products are collected as well through the food pantry.

“We definitely want to reach all of the people that are hungry and keep this as healthy as possible,” Prieditis said.