Junior Caydee Constant makes state for golf


Cameron March

SWINGING: Constant takes a swing on the fairway at the golf ball to hit it onto the green.

Junior Caydee Constant qualified for state golf on Oct. 16 at Forest Acres East at Michigan State University.

“I was actually really surprised,” Constant said. “I didn’t think I played that well.”

Constant qualified as an individual for Grand Haven High School as opposed to Rockford High School who qualified as a team for state.

“It was very windy and cold, but everyone had to play through so I knew I just had to toughen out and play the best I could,” Constant said. “The wind really affected me and how I played.”

Constant used to play golf when she was younger living in Florida, but picked it back up freshman year when she moved to Michigan.

“My dad used to play and my sister and I would go and play with him,” Constant said.

She’s had thoughts about continuing to play golf in the future.

“It could be cool to play in college,” Constant said. “I’ve thought about it, but I don’t know yet.”