Early college open to all


Natalie Dupuis

EARLY COLLEGE: Sydney Prins, BreAnna Wierda, Abrial Merz, Ali Egered, Kyle Penland and Madison Sylvester are few of the 11th grade students that are a part of the early college program here at Grand Haven High School. “Current 11th graders were able to participate in early college on a trial basis [due to COVID-19],” counselor Kimberly Kowalski said.

Early college is a program where students can earn credits from Muskegon Community College (MCC) with no tuition fees.

“Current 10th graders are applying right now,” counselor Kimberly Kowalski said. “They need to pass two accuplacer tests, which is basically a placement test for college.”

Students must earn at least a 250 on the reading portion of the test and at least a 255 on the sentence skills portion of the test.

If students pass both accuplacer tests, their application for the early college program is due March 1 and students will then have a family interview.

“What’s nice about early college  is you have an early college advisor who works with you and that is Susan Tater for us,” Kowalski said.

Tater meets with students on a weekly basis, whether it be in-person or virtually, to help. Tater is there for students that may need the support outside of the school system to be successful.

“I think it’s a great program for students who need the assistance in being a successful college student,” Kowalski said.