In Focus with River Parcheta

Hailey Neely and McKenzie Stanhope, Reporters

River Parcheta has recently been recognized by his art teacher, Irene Sipe, for his talent in ceramics. Parcheta’s work always has an eclectic and unique feel. Let’s take a deeper look at one of Parcheta’s pieces and what inspired it.

What kind of music do you listen to and why?

I like bedroom pop and alternative R&B. Some of my favorite artists are The Strokes, Steve Lacy, Thunder Cat, and Jimmy Hendrix. I prefer the way that actual instruments sound as opposed to animated sounds.

What three things would you use to describe yourself and why?

A tree because they’re down to Earth and connected with nature, a dinner plate because I like food, especially exotic foods, and a notebook. I enjoy doodling and notebooks bring out my inner thoughts.

If you could go anywhere in the world with anyone, where you go, with whom, and why?

I would go to Italy with Jim Morrison. He’s a pretty interesting dude and I’d like to hear about his perspective on life.

Where do you pull inspiration from?

I pull inspiration from many places. My friends, people around me, and nature. I really enjoy nature, nature isn’t bland. 

What’s your preferred type of art to make?

I like drawing the most. Specifically, ones that are just pencil to paper. I also like to do drawings that are more eccentric and bizarre.

What mediums did you use to make your piece?

I used a mid-high fire clay for the actual structure of the body and I also used some various glazes for the outside decoration.

How long have you been doing art? 

I’ve been drawing for almost my entire life. When I was in elementary school, I’d always doodle with markers and such. I didn’t start trying out other styles of art until this year though.