In Focus with Megan VanKuiken

Hailey Neely and McKenzie Stanhope, Reporters

Junior Megan VanKuiken has recently been recognized by her art teacher, Irene Sipe, for her talents in ceramic work. Megan has always loved doing art, ever since elementary school. She began doing ceramics and jewelry this year, and her skillset has only grown since. Let’s take a deeper look at one of VanKuiken’s pieces and what inspired it.

What inspired your piece?

I was mainly inspired by nature for this one, specifically trees.

What mediums did you use to make your piece?

For this jar, I used a clay body called Standard 153.

What was the process of creating this piece? How long did it take you to make it?

I’d say it took me around a week and a half. First, I made a box structure using Standard 153 clay. I then put underglaze on it and then carved away at the box so you can see the clay body underneath it and see the paint on top. It then went into the kiln to be fired. I finished it with a clear, glossy glaze. 

What’s your preferred type of art to make?

Definitely ceramics and jewelry. I like how these particular styles are functional. It’s cool how you can wear the jewelry that you make and utilize the ceramic pieces that you create.

Where do you pull inspiration from?

Usually, random things I look up or think of. I also like looking outside at nature to pull inspiration.

How long have you been doing art? 

In general, I’ve been doing art since elementary school. I only recently started doing jewelry and ceramics last semester.

What kind of music do you listen to and why?

I have the weirdest taste in music. It’s just a very random mix of everything I like. I’d say my taste is mostly indie. I like that style because it’s really relaxing.

What three things would you use to describe yourself and why?

I’d have to say flowers because I think I’m quite bright and colorful, headphones because I enjoy listening to music, and a blanket. Blankets are nice and cozy.

If you could go anywhere in the world with anyone, where you go, with whom, and why?

I’d probably go to Iceland with one of my friends. I like spending time with my friends and Iceland looks really pretty.