Junior Alex Bull expresses himself through art


Grace Montgomery

DOODLING: Junior Alex Bull sits with pencil in hand and draws a picture of the environment. “It’s good to express yourself and just get things off your mind and that’s kind of like how I express myself,” Bull said.

Misgana Deur, Life Editor

In Rachel Twa’s third hour English 11 class, junior Alex Bull sits with a pencil in hand, earbuds in his ear, and his nose in a sketchbook, his one focus is drawing. 

It’s the mountains that capture his eyes.

It’s the beauty of life and what it has to offer that inspires him.

It’s sadness and happiness too. 

Bull creates his world of art and draws how he expresses himself. He doodles whenever he has a chance to and has been doing it ever since he was a little kid. 

“My mom was a really artistic person,” Bull said. “I grew up into that type of thing as long as I can remember.” 

Drawing and doodling is a good way for Bull to get things out of his mind. Bulls friend since five years old, CJ Corbin admires Bull and his artwork. 

“He puts what he’s feeling into perspective,” Corbin said. “And I respect that a lot.”

From nature to people to imagination, he uses sharp edges to define the piece of art and show off his creativeness. 

TREE: A quick doodle Bull did in about five minutes.

“I drew this one mountain range and it’s just out of the Rockies like towards the west,” Bull said. “I really liked that one personally, because A, it’s really good and I did a good job. And B, it’s the one place that I really like the most and I feel safe there.”

His love for art drove him to take almost every art class at the school. And hopefully, go to college as a concept designer in the future. 

“Alex has the potential to use his skill and natural interest in a variety of pursuits after high school,” art teacher Mitch Moore said. “He has a great expressive style that is consistent and creates a lot of interest in how it shows the hand of the artist.”

His friends, family, and art teachers all look up to Bull.

“I appreciate that he focuses on an area of strength but does still draw faces, objects and other subjects that are outside his main focus,” Moore said. 

People always say they can’t draw, but for Bull, he thinks anyone with practice and patience is capable to draw anything.

“Everybody has a vision of something they want to say,” Bull said. “And everyone is capable of doing that. There are just certain techniques that you learn or tools you use to put your vision out and that’s what learning is.”

Art can be used to express people in many different ways. The good, the bad, and the ugly. 

“[Art] can make you feel many things,” Bull said. “I think that’s the beauty of it. Depending on what the art piece is and what that person wants you to feel and what you can take from that art piece. That’s what makes it special to me.”