3 last minute gifts to buy your special someone for Valentine’s Day

3 last minute gifts to buy your special someone for Valentine’s Day

Brendan Vander Meer, Reporter

For Girls

1.  Roses

Roses are one of the most classic romantic gifts. Available almost anywhere, surprise your date with a bouquet of roses and you’ll definitely win her over if you haven’t already. 

2. A Teddy Bear

A teddy bear never fails to impress a girl. With hundreds of options of teddy bears, creativity and presentation is key, gentlemen. If you’re really struggling to win over a special someone, pair a bouquet of roses with a teddy bear and you’ll be sure to never spend Valentine’s Day alone again.  

3. A Romantic Card

Yes, a romantic card can be cheesy at times but if you’re struggling with the originality of your gift, a romantic saying to your lady friend never fails. But don’t be fooled, girls usually expect something with the card so any combination of these gifts with a romantic card should do the trick.


For Boys

1. Dinner

Take your date to dinner for a night. Let the guy choose and make sure you pay as he has most likely paid for many dates before. 

2. Chocolates/candy

Yes, chocolates can go either way for a gift to a boy or girl. If your date doesn’t like chocolate I’m sure some type of candy will do the trick.

3. A unique gift to them

This gift can be quite difficult. Boys like many different things. Do they like sports? Video games? The outdoors? If you get them a gift for a certain hobby they like you’re guaranteed to have a successful Valentine’s Day.