Bucs Care Food Pantry works to provide food for students in need


Angie Prieditis

Student volunteers from Bucs Care work hard in order to provide food for peers.

Sydney Kroll, Reporter

Bucs Care is a school-run nonprofit organization that works hard to help students and their families have an adequate amount of food each week. Student volunteers help anonymous peers by packing groceries, recipes, and toiletries located in the food pantry within the school. 

“Our mission is to help students that have food insecurities,” says leader Angie Prieditis,  “Without any paperwork, no hassle, they can get two bags of groceries to take home.”

For anyone who would like to donate food, bottled water, or toiletries, there is a large yellow bin that is labeled as “Bucs Care” near the pendulum where goods can be left. Money donations can be handed in at the main office.  If you would like to join, email Angie Prieditis at [email protected] and she will happily send you an application.

“It’s one Buc helps another Buc,” said Prieditis, “That’s pretty awesome that we have that opportunity for kids to volunteer and just give from their heart that way.”