October honors Adam Provencal’s legacy


October 1 began the month of Adam’s Acts where random acts of kindness are frequently committed throughout the community, honoring Adam Provencal’s legacy.

Mattee DeMott, Reporter

October 1 marked the beginning of Adam’s Acts month.

After kicking off with an introductory academy lesson and handwritten notes, Adam’s Acts got off to a strong start. 

The month was created in honor of Adam Provencal, a past student and athlete of GHHS, who was killed after a prank on Halloween night. The month is intended to honor Adam’s legacy of kindness.

“I want people to find how they feel they can participate, the whole point is just to show people why we do it,” said Elizabeth Gervais, Adam Provencal’s step-sister.

While there may not be many orchestrated events for Adams Acts, Gervais hopes that students will take it into their own hands and spread random acts of kindness throughout the building.

Random acts of kindness cards, where students can anonymously send a note to any staff or students in the building, have been distributed to academy teachers for a second round of notes near the middle of the month.

“I really feel like random acts of kindness, especially when they’re small and random, it comes from each individual and it comes from within,” said Elizabeth Gervais.

The main goal this month is to show students to look outside of themselves and brighten someone’s day, creating a ripple effect of kindness throughout the school.

“I just hope that people here participate to build themselves and others up,” said  Gervais.