GH9 to re-open before Thanksgiving

Abby Dzikowicz

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Construction workers preparing for the re-opening.

Your favorite rainy day activity is back. Grand Haven 9 is aiming to open around Friday, Nov. 19th after GQT Movies purchased the theater. Hopefully in time for the release of the new GhostBusters. 

Grand Haven 9’s Instagram gave information about their renovation plans. Estimated to start in January of 2022, it will include replacing the seats in the auditoriums with leather. 

Grand Haven 9 offers great prices for hit movies. With the re-opening, they promised decreased prices of concessions than they were previously. The average price of tickets for seniors, students, and children is seven dollars, ranging between six and 8.50 depending on the time of viewing. 

Many high school students are always looking for jobs that are local and flexible. Grand Haven 9 is looking for employees of all positions who are energetic and vibrant. 

In the past, the theater has had a tremendous effect on our county. As it re-opens it will bring back memories and give opportunities for more and for everyone. It brings families and friends together to enjoy new releases.