Grand Haven’s “Singin’ in the Rain”


Annabelle Waterman

The final dance of the production features the entire cast. “It’s really fun. There’s a lot of dancing and a lot of upbeat numbers. All of the characters are over the top and unique in their own way and it’s just a really entertaining show.” – Student Director Junior Jordan Smaka

Annabelle Waterman, Reporter

What is it: Grand Haven High School is putting on its annual fall musical this weekend. This year they will be performing the 1950s musical, “Singin’ in the Rain.” The romantic comedy takes place in the 1920s during the transition from silent films to ‘talkies’.


Who: Grand Haven High School Theatre Program. Lead roles and who they’re played by;


Junior Julia Bolla – Kathy Selden


Senior Cayden Smaka – Cosmo Brown


Senior Brendan Howard – Don Lockwood


Junior Nora Jacobson – Lina Lamont


They Said it: “I just want the audience to have a good time. This show is filled with so many different emotions, but honestly, it’s just a really fun show and I want [the audience] to walk away saying ‘that was great.’ I just hope everyone has a good time watching it.”


-Junior Julia Bolla 


When: Tickets will be sold online and in person. Students cost $10 and adults $12. Shows will take place on November 17, 18, and 19 at 7 pm in the Grand Haven High School Performing Arts Center.