Poort’s last lap

Senior swimmer, Spencer Poort, races his fourth and final state meet


Maisy Hoffman

Senior swimmer Spencer Poort traveled to Eastern Michigan University on March 14, for his final state meet. Poort’s 200-yard free relay team earned 10th place with a time of 1:28.28.

Brianna Moynihan, Sports editor

Senior swimmer Spencer Poort is no stranger to the state stage – and as he embarked on his fourth and final journey to the state swim meet, only one thing was one his mind, nothing.

It was the calm before the storm, the clarity before the chaos. It is the head space of a winner.

“On the starting block, I don’t think about anything,” Poort said. “When it’s time to swim it’s time to focus, really nothing goes through my head.”

The seconds before Poort is submerged in the cool chlorinated water, his thoughts are vacant, but even as a 10-year veteran of the sport, he still feels the nerves.

“It’s good to get the butterflies and the nervous feelings, if you don’t get those you should be worried,” Poort said.

As the signal goes off and his world is turned to water, Poort relies on his technique that was engraved at a young age and then perfected during grueling hours spent in the pool.

“Practicing hard everyday and doing what the coach says is important,” Poort said. “But also just remembering all the little technique skills that are learned early on.”

Water rushes all around and trained muscles propel Poort down the lane for his leg of the 200-meter free relay. But it is more than just strength that spurs the swimmer on.

“I just really like to compete, it’s what I love to do,” Poort said. “I prefer to swim against kids that are faster than me, it makes me better.”

Despite his competence in the water, Poort’s voyage to swimming success hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

“I struggled when I was younger and I almost got out of it (swimming) but my mom really kept me going,” Poort said. “I‘m glad she did because now I am here.”

Poort extends his fingers into the familiar timing touch pad to finish his leg of the relay as his teammate streamlines overhead to begin theirs.

“Swimming is not a very fun sport,” Poort said. “But I love the guys, we push each other to be better and to be faster.”

Poort hauls his tired body out of the pool. The final member of the relay team hits the timing pad and a time of 1:30.54 is displayed, qualifying the Buccaneer relay for the state meet, Poort’s fourth and final time.

The  relay team  traveled to Eastern Michigan University on Saturday, Mar. 14 for the state meet. They came in with a time of 1:28.28 earning them 10th place and ending Poort’s high school swimming career on a high note.

“Swimming has been my sport since I was like eight years-old,” Poort said. “It’s been my life.”