Powerlifting club wraps up season at state meet


Brendan Vander Meer, Reporter

The JV and varsity powerlifting clubs recently traveled to North Branch High School to compete at the powerlifting state meet.

“It went pretty well,” senior Allison Gardner said. ”Overall, like placing wise, I think we were all satisfied with how we did. I know I gave what I could.”

Varsity state finishers include Natalie Bremmer- 4th place, Allison Gardner- 6th place, and Emily Stevenson – 6th place. JV state finishers include Sydney Spencer, Eva Taylor, and Keighan Daily. Rob Taylor was awarded the pound for pound award, lifting the most weight for his body weight. 

For many members of powerlifting, this was their last meet before graduating this spring. 

“We’ve all grown together,” Gardner said. “Our relationship as just friends has grown. And confidence wise and personality wise we all have grown so much from this.”