MHSAA lifts restrictions on sporting events


Grace Montgomery

Spectators watch on during the Grand Haven v East Kentwood game.

Jacob Welch, Reporter

The Michigan High School Athletic Association recently removed venue size restrictions on all sporting events, with a limited capacity of 500 for indoor activities and 1000 for external activities, effective immediately on Oct. 6.

“As of October 6, if an indoor event is in a fixed indoor seating venue … 20% of seating capacity is allowed for up to 500 spectators,” Executive Director Mark Uyi said in the statement. “If an outdoor event is in a fixed outdoor seating venue … 30% of seating capacity is allowed for up to 1,000 spectators.”

The athletic department will begin selling more tickets at venues for sporting events following in line with the release.

“The most recent order’s we’ve got allows us to expand on [venue sizes],” Athletic Director John Robertson said. “The size of our gym allows for us to have 500, and the size of our stadium allows for us to have 1000.”

While the Michigan Supreme Court ruling struck down the Governor’s ability to issue a state-wide mask mandate, the directive will continue under the local health department and MHSAA regulations. Although venue sizes will increase, uncertainty still persists about the orders and if the figure given includes coaches, athletes, referees, and others.

“Here’s the point, do the participants count in the total number now?” John said. “So what we are doing now, is trying to split the difference. This coming Friday night, we are selling 400 tickets for the football game while Mona Shores sells 300 tickets for their student body.”