Senior Connor Worthington reflects on time spent with Team G.H.


(Photo courtesy of Connor Worthington)

Senior Connor Worthington was disappointed when Governor Whitmer canceled school due to COVID-19 because he was missing out on the last part of his senior year.

“There’s activities to look forward to especially at the end with seniors,” Worthington said. “I understand why [school was canceled], but it wasn’t an ideal way to end.”

Adding onto missing out on prom and graduation, Worthington is missing out being a member of Team G.H. during the last months of his high school experience. 

“Not being able to connect to the Grand Haven community is probably the toughest part,” Worthington said.

Additionally, Worthington says he’ll also miss working with a big group of people and having that group aspect. 

“I think it’s a fun group that notices the community,” Worthington said.

If Worthington has the time around football, there are a few clubs that have caught his eye at Michigan Tech that he might be interested in joining next year.

“They have a few outdoor recreation clubs that are pretty cool,” Worthington said. “Maybe I’ll see if I can participate during the offseason.”

Aside from that, Worthington finds it challenging not being able to spread positivity while being away from school during this pandemic. 

“Team G.H. supports a lot of students and not being able to keep everyone’s spirits up is tough,” Worthington said. “But we’ll do what we can.”