First ever girls wrestling Regionals

Riley Vining

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Regina Light

Triumph Four out of five girls wrestlers pose for a picture at the Lady Mat Cat in Montague Michigan.

For the first time in Michigan’s history, girls wrestling will have their own regional qualifying meet. 

Michigan was the 29th state to sanction women’s wrestling, with only 32 states officially sanctioned. Wrestling is one of the fastest-growing sports for girls across the country, in and out of high school. 

The High School has had its fair share of lady wrestlers in the past with currently five girls on the team. Freshman Izzy Wisenbaugh, who began wrestling this year, Sophomore Hailey Garza, who began this year, Junior Michayla Chciuk who also began this year, Senior Hannah Lameris who has wrestled for 2 years, and Senior Lynsey Light who has wrestled all 4 years of high school. 

After regionals, if girls place in the top eight, they will head to the State meet, located at Ford Field. This is the same location as the men’s tournament.