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Raising awareness for water safety

Raising awareness for water safety

Nick Garvale, Reporter

November 28, 2018

For the second year, The Tri Cities YMCA has recruited the outdoor ed class for a “Safety around water” program that the students teach to local elementary school kids. The instructors educate 205 kids from four schools around Ottawa County about the dangers of the lake and how to stay calm durin...

Raising awareness to save lives

Macy Swiftney, Abigail Holman, and Kelly Klouw

June 13, 2017

Many people picture a fun beach day body surfing in huge waves or even just going for a swim with friends. What many people don’t realize is that even though the big waves can be fun, there are certain precautions you should take while swimming in the lake this summer. Specifically in the city of Grand Haven many...