Turn in exempted absence forms for standardized testing


Senior Avery Calo grabs her exemption sheet from the front office by the attendance desk.

Elena Yu, Reporter

This upcoming April, unaccommodated seniors will be exempted from classes on Wednesday, April 13 and both underclassmen and unaccommodated seniors on Thursday, April 14 due to the standardized testing. 

In order to be exempted from classes it is necessary to fill out the Approved School Activity Form found in the office. 

Seniors take the salmon colored sheet and juniors take the yellow colored sheet, both of which are located in the front of the office next to the sign-in desk.

Without the form students will not be exempted, only excused or unexcused without a parent call. 

Forms will be accepted up until April 14 at 3:00 PM, but be sure to get them in as soon as possible. 

Getting them in sooner makes it easier for secretary Kara Kemperman to make a record of them. 

“It’s mandated by the state so getting them in earlier is the best,” Kemperman said.