Senior Emily Stevenson keeps herself entertained during COVID-19 lockdown


Emily Stevenson poses next to a sign of where she works. (Photo courtesy of Emily Stevenson)


Senior Emily Stevenson was excited to have a break off of school due to COVID-19 at first, but now has realized she may be missing out on some last minute opportunities of her senior year.

“It’s just my last high school experience and it’s kind of hard to come to terms with,” Stevenson said. “It’s getting kind of boring and I feel like I’m missing out on a lot.” 

She says she wasn’t worried at first about COVID-19, but she is now. Stevenson says she’s concerned for people who belong to demographics that are more highly affected. Like her grandparents. 

“Their risk of getting it is much higher than mine and I guess I’m just kind of scared of giving it to my grandma,” Stevenson said. “I feel like it would be all my fault.” 

Being quarantined and on lockdown has affected how Stevenson is spending her time out of school. She’s able to complete her homework on time, but she says she finds it difficult to teach herself at home without having someone guide her through it like you would at school.

Along with homework, Stevenson has picked up new things to do such as cooking and baking. 

“So far, I’ve made way too many cookies, I learned how to make pasta and banana bread,” Stevenson said. 

She’s also hung out with her dogs and done at-home workouts staying home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Stevenson’s spring break plans had to be canceled.  

“We were going to go to Cancun, but we made the decision last Saturday to cancel the whole trip,” Stevenson said. 

She’s struggled with the fact she’s not able to hang out with her friends and keeping in touch with them through a group chat isn’t the same as hanging out in person.

“I guess there’s really nothing more we can do than just stay inside,” Stevenson said. “ It’s definitely super scary to just sit there and feel helpless because I want to do something to help, but the only thing I can do is stay inside.”