Staff vs. student basketball game set for April 27

Brianna Moynihan, Sports editor

This Monday night, basketball fans can once again fill the field house as staff members take to the court to face off against the students.

Members from the Pay it Forward class, seniors: Madison Nogar, Katie Parks, Connor Williams, Grace Straus and Charlotte Larr have all organized this event with the proceeds going towards The Holland Children’s Advocacy Center.

“People attending would be supporting a good cause that would help a lot of elementary students in our community,” Nogar said. “But also you will get to see some of their favorite teachers face off against some fellow students.”

Some of the teachers participating in the game are Elizabeth Gervais, Nate Allen and Josh Walters all take to the court. Members from both the girls and boys basketball teams as well as members from the Central Phoenix team will also be taking on the teachers.

“We are playing for good cause, but it will also be fun to play against teachers we normally see in a classroom environment,” junior basketball player Lukas Steffel said.

Entry to the game is three dollars and free for kids under five. There will also be 50 cent raffles with prizes donated by local business. Students should all wear blue while teachers are being asked to wear gold. Game starts at 6 p.m. on Monday in the field house.