Pool pump now broken


Addelyn Wachter

Activities like swimming will have to be postponed.

Nick Garvale, Reporter

The pool is closed for the week until further notice.

Pool temperatures drop and water is left unfiltered as the heating unit and pool pump are now broken. The pump of any pool is the key to water circulation. It pushes water through the filter and back out through the main returns. Without this, the pool will become highly concentrated with chemicals that are necessary to clean the water with the pump active.

Why is the pump broken? The suspect is the recent power outages, causing problems with the internet, operation of drinking fountains, and now this.

“The windings on the pump motor are burned out,” said service technician for Van Dyke Mechanical Mike Demory. “The windings are partially open, so I am on my way to get a new part.”

The hope is that the pool will be up and running by the end of the week so swimmers and community members can continue to use the pool.