Interact Club Holds Fundraiser


Emma Manzo, Reporter


Interact club is holding their second Culver’s fundraiser to raise money for their group at the Grand Haven Culver’s on Tuesday October 8 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Interact members will serve food and bus tables earning 10% of the profit for the night. 


Interact club is a community organization that makes a positive impact in many ways. This money will go towards adopting a family from Every Woman’s Place, a shelter dedicated to providing a safe home for women and children who are survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Interact will share joy during the Christmas season, by buying, wrapping and delivering presents to the family.

“Not only is it nice to support the club and see what we’re doing, it’s also like for a great cause, and you get tasty food,” Interact club advisor, John Mauro said. 


Supporting the cause is simple, it doesn’t matter if you go in the drive through or dine in, all you need to do is purchase some food and a portion of the cost goes directly to helping a family in need. There are no special coupons or forms needed to participate. 

“Well, it’s a really good club, and we do great things for other people like our local community and outside of even our country,” junior Sofia Ryan, a member of Interact club, said. “It’s a really good chance to get involved with your community and help other people.”