Boomerang event brings possibilities to students


Brendan Vander Meer

Students walk around the gym during the 13th annual Boomerang event.

Brendan Vander Meer, Reporter

High school administration recently teamed up with local businesses to present the 13th annual “Boomerang” event. Aimed towards seniors for “I have a plan week”, seniors learned about local opportunities after high school.

“The goal of the Boomerang event is to introduce students to the community and what’s going on in the community,” assistant principal Brandon Cusumano said. “It’s for you guys to build relationships with local businesses, to get an idea of maybe what you’re interested in and to hopefully come back and give back to your community.” 

The event featured 31 businesses and ranged from hands on activities to presentations about how businesses operated within the community. 

“If you’re interested in different things you have a lot of opportunities here to talk to people to get to know more information,” senior Ariana Hill said. “I really liked the North Ottawa Community Health System booth. They were very helpful. They gave me a lot of tips and resources I can use.”  

“It’s to spark some interest and give you an idea so when you go to college you can think about what you want to major in,” Cusumano said.