Penny Wars, a friendly competition

Grace Montgomery, Managing Editor for Design

Team GH split into committees earlier this fall to maximize their efficiency and accomplish more. The Outreach committee set up the annual competition we all love, Penny Wars, with the goal of reaching out. It will begin on Monday, Nov. 18 and end on Thursday, Nov. 22.

“With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, our team from Outreach, saw the need of food around this time by our very own students,” sophomore Clare Duplissis said. “We decided to tackle the need through a Penny War because it is a fun and exciteful way of raising money. It gets lots of people involved and the tension between classrooms makes the profits skyrocket.”

Throughout the week, academy classes will compete to see who can bring in the most Pennies. All funds raised will circle directly back to the community.

“The money raised goes to Grand Haven High School families in need of food for Thanksgiving,” Duplissis said. “After we collect all the money, we will be headed to the store to buy and fill as many baskets as possible, reaching out to anyone and everyone we can.”