First blood drive of year a success


Grace Montgomery

BLOOD FLOW: A student participating in a blood drive last year squeezes a stress ball to help the blood in her arm flow easier into the tube.

Megan Voorhees , Photo Editor

This year’s first blood drive took place on the 29th. 

Due to COVID-19, there have been multiple changes to the drive such as location. As any year precautions must be taken. Making sure donors are able to give their blood safely is always a top priority for the drive.

Blood drive advisor and teacher Todd Diederichsen was ecstatic for the drive’s return this year.

“The real reason why I love it is because a lot of students have never given before can go,” Diederichsen said.

As blood is something that cannot be man-made, the blood given is needed for many reasons. Whether it’s for emergency surgery or a transfusion, all blood donated stays local unless there is a huge surplus. 

Almost making the original goal of 60 donors, 48 participants were able to successfully donate. The second donation is scheduled for the winter of 2020 and hopes are for the turnout to be even greater than the first. 

“I’d really encourage everybody who is willing and able to, to think about wanting to get out,” Diederichsen said. “You literally can save somebody,”