GHHS acknowledges positive actions through BUC$


Junior Xander LaLonde was awarded a BUC$ during a art class by teacher Mitch Moore.

Riley Vining, Reporter

There is a new thing going around school called Buc$, and they promote going above and beyond. Faculty can hand out Buc$ when they see students demonstrating Grand Haven T.E.A.M. expectations. After being rewarded, they can deposit Buc$ into chests located in the rotunda for a chance at winning prizes every other week.

“Right now [the prizes] are, Bucs gear, T-shirts, Tropical Smoothie, ice cream certificates, things like that,” Social Worker Emily Berry, said. “A couple times throughout the year, we’ll also have the opportunity to put all the tickets in one for some bigger prizes as well.”

The administrators are trying to create a fun way to spread some positive actions around the high school.

“There’s a ton more people doing the right things than are the wrong things,” Berry said, “so let’s acknowledge those people that are doing the right things.”