Top 5 teacher tidbits: “what’s the best piece of test taking advice you have?”


Emma Steury

COME ONE COME ALL: teachers at Grand Haven High School share their advice on various academic topics.

Students give away hours and hours to school every week, whether it be sitting in class, working on homework, or the forever staple: studying. 

Here’s what some of our very own Grand Haven High School teachers have to say about the good ol’ scantron.

“Study for 20 minutes, rest for 5, 20 minutes, rest for 5, 20 minutes, rest for 25,” teacher Lauren Bloomquist said. “Then reward yourself with food and the breaks can’t include screen time.”

“Study the things you don’t know,” teacher Joe Nelson said. “Spend time on what you don’t know. Don’t keep spinning your wheels on the things you know how to do.”

“Recording your notes and hearing them is a good idea,” teacher Angel Dean said. “You can play them on a drive, in the shower, I’ve even played my recordings while I’m sleeping. And I think color coding is really helpful. That’s my advice.”

“Repetition is really important,” teacher Brian Williams said. “Cramming the night before is not a good idea, but practicing over and over is really helpful.”

“Be in my class,” teacher Katy Walters said. “Because my study guides rock and Kahoot is so helpful.”