Buc Stop gives back to the community with a festive twist


Nick Miller

The Christmas tree can be seen sitting in the Buc Stop adorned with various ornaments.

Sydney Kroll, Reporter

This week the Buc Stop is hosting a charity event for Love in Action. There are bronze ornaments for $3 donations, a silver ornament for $5 donations, and a gold ornament for $7 donations available for purchase. Your name will be written on an ornament and placed on a tree located inside the shop.

“We wanted to do it around holidays especially because now we’re going into a time where the less fortunate in our community are going without any”, leader Skylar Compagner said. “We wanted to partner with an organization that gives back to the community.”

Donating to the tree is an excellent way to give back to your community during a time where many are struggling financially. On top of that, you are also helping your classmates.

“You are helping your fellow students because so many people here that we don’t even recognize have struggles and financial shortfalls in our community,” leader Sophie Bytwerk said. “It’s very close to home and I think that what we need to recognize around the holidays is that while we’re giving gifts to our friends and our family members we can also give back to the community”