Sign up for the German American Virtual Exchange

Violet Kemperman, Reporter

In previous years, German and American students have done a program where Germans come to America for three weeks and then the American students do the same but in Germany. 

Due to political unrest and COVID-19, it’s all online. 

This year the German program is introducing the German American Virtual Exchange, also referred to as G.A.V.E.

Grand Haven students will be paired up with German students from Thomas Mann Gymnasium. Students will spend time doing online activities set up by German teacher, Rory Callender. G.A.V.E. is open to all grades, with spots currently available. 

In this program, you will learn more about life in Germany, get to know your partner and have the opportunity to grow your German skills. 

“It’s a 4 week virtual experience.” Callendar said, “Students will be in a google classroom and be given a partner to work with and get to know each other. My hope is that by the end of the 4 weeks, students will be able to continue talking via social media and remain friends.”

Check out Herr Callender’s announcement slide to sign up for the German American virtual experience.