Drama department to hold final rice krispy treat sale of the school year


The drama department is hosting a rice krispy treat sale in order to help raise money for future shows.

Sydney Kroll, Reporter

The drama department is hosting their final rice krispy treat sale of the school year. Each rice krispy treat costs $2 and will be sold on Friday, March 18 in the rotunda before and after school. 

“People don’t realize how much production costs. For a junior show it’s $8,000 for rights, it is ridiculously expensive, especially with the more well known a show is,” vice president Kassidy Bush said. “Our funding with the rice krispies will go towards helping with that for any falling short for our next show because we don’t get any money from the school. All of the money that the drama department has to raise.”

While the funds raised help with the costs of productions, it also helps the members of the drama department. The money raised helps go towards scholarships for the Thespian Festival in order to ensure that as many students can participate as possible. 

“It’s a lot of money and we want to help make sure that all students who want to go are able to go,” Bush said. “It’s unfair to them if they can’t have this experience just because they can’t afford it.”

If you have any further questions, email president Alexia Clark at [email protected], or Bush at [email protected]

“They’re awesome and we put a lot of time into them,” Clark said. “They’re handmade, handcrafted, artisanal, and they’re definitely worth your money.”