Buccaneers prepare for new school year


Riley Vining

NEW DAY, NEW YEAR: Grand Haven High School celebrates the start of its 2022-2023 school year. With it comes new students eager to learn and seniors anxious to leave.

Riley Vining, Reporter

Whether you arrived on a bus, drove a car, or got dropped off, it is the first day of school. And that means a mix of emotions, from excitement to anxiety.

How are students handling their first day?  

They said it:

“There are definitely a lot more people than middle school,” Freshman Acadia Bremer said. “But, it’s definitely more chill. I’m really looking forward to the dances and football games.”

“When I woke up, I was thinking, oh, I’m going back to this,” Sophomore Willem Deur said. “I started to ease into it, and it became so much better. After all, it’s my second year. It’s so much easier than my first.”

“I wanted to sleep in,” Junior Sellamia Awrts said. ” Summer ended too soon. When I got here, the halls were so busy, and no one knew where to go. But, I am looking forward to equestrian, our first show is in two weeks.”

“Fist day of school, and it’s going pretty well,” Senior Ryan Heck said. “My first thoughts when rolling out of bed were pretty negative, but now I’m here, I’m happy. And I’ve enjoyed every one of my classes, but I’m a bit scared about contracting senioritis.”