Loutit Library hosts Hobbit door craft activity

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One of the small Hobbit door crafts that was constructed by a Tolkien fan Monday night.

Loutit Library hosted the hobbit door craft yesterday afternoon. Participants built a door using miniature decorations such as moss, grass, mushrooms and leaves. This event is meant to celebrate the new Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power TV series and the birthdays of Bilbo and Frodo, two hobbit characters included in the book trilogies.

 “There aren’t many places in the community that is a central hub to go to and be able to just hang and meet new people.” Head of the event Kate Tobin said.

The library hosts many free events to bring the community together. Coming next Monday, author Amberrose Hammond will be sharing haunting stories about Michigan’s paranormal activity.

“When you go to those events, you find other people that have the same interest and it’s easy to make those connections,” Tobin said.