Three underrated music artists you should listen to

Lei Murphy

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Album cover for Molly Paytons recent release, Slack.

Photo courtesy of the record label.

Album cover for Molly Payton’s recent release, ‘Slack.’

Some bands or music artists have a lot of talent but are undiscovered by the mass majority of people. Sometimes, to find a good band, you have to do some digging. Here are four great bands I’ve recently dug up.


 WHO ARE THEY?: Molly Payton is one such underrated artist, she is originally from New Zealand but moved to London to pursue music.  She has an indie bedroom pop style, which I think is popular right now. She has one full album and three singles.

THE SOUND: The instrumentals in her songs flow so smoothly with the vocals, with a unique raspiness to her voice. It almost sounds like her voice is live, even though it’s not.

THE MUSIC: Her newest album, ‘Slack,’ contains songs about self-growth and life lessons. My favorite song of hers is ‘Warm Body.’ The song is about seeking comfort in others to cure loneliness. I think it’s a very relatable topic and the lyrics really resonate with my past experiences. Her style is indie bedroom pop, which I think is popular right now.

THE STATS: On Spotify, she has 158.7 thousand monthly listeners, but deserves more publicity. She has an indie bedroom pop style, which I think is popular right now.


WHO ARE THEY?: Love Ghost is a rock band made up of four members, Finnegan, Ryan, Daniel, and Cory. Their music style is sort of punk rock mixed with trap and hip-hop. If they were around in the ‘My Chemical Romance’ era, I feel like they would be a popular emo band. 

THE SOUND: The instrumentals harmonize coherently with their voices, making their songs exceptional.

THE MUSIC: Their most recent single is called ‘Can’t Stop,’ which features the Spanish solo artist Mabiland, who brings some international flair.

My favorite song by Love Ghost is called ‘Tribe.’ To me, I interpret the meaning as about recognizing someone is fake, or not a real friend. The instrumentals harmonize coherently with their voices, making it an excellent song. 

They remind me a lot of “The Red Hot Chili Peppers” because they have a similar sound. 

THE STATS: On Spotify, they have roughly 127,000 monthly listeners. If you enjoy grunge rock, I’d recommend checking them out.


WHO ARE THEY?: Rising from the indie scene, Alice Phoebe Lou is an artist becoming increasingly popular. The South-African singer has four released albums with the most recent one being, “Glow.” 

THE SOUND: Her voice is naturally angelic and beautiful. Her music style is indie pop, with a grunge number here and there. What I like about a lot of her songs is that they’re sung rather slowly, allowing you to appreciate each word. A large number of her songs have piano melodies that blend wonderfully with her voice.

 THE MUSIC: Her song ‘Skin Crawl,’ is about when she was drugged and it was told beautifully through the lyrics. My favorite song by her is called “Heavy / / Light as Air,” I like this song because it’s a truly graceful love song about how beautiful it is to have someone care about you. She has a lot of love songs, but also some about personal experiences.

THE STATS: Lou currently has about 920,000 listeners on Spotify but deserves even more attention.

There are thousands of bands just waiting to be discovered. Finding underground music can be as easy as checking out popular music streaming websites such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and many more. Sometimes you have to search deeper to find a good band you’ve never heard of. You never know, you could find your new favorite music artist.