Seniors to pursue Rugby at the next level

Seniors Hannah Houghtailing, Tina Reyes and Samantha Melcher commit to to Davenport University


Houghtailing, Reyes, and Melchers at their signing in the athletic conference room (photo courtesy Hannah Houghtailing).

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, seniors Samantha Melcher, Tina Reyes and Hannah Houghtailing signed to continue their Rugby career at Davenport University. 

What pushed you to pursue Rugby in college?

“Honestly, it’s the passion I have for rugby that’s pushing me to continue,” Melcher said. “I want to continue to grow as a rugby player.”

“I fell in love with the people around me and the culture of the sport,” Reyes said. “I never felt like I fit in with any other sport. With Rugby, I don’t have to be tall, skinny and talented to fit in and play. There are women of all shapes and sizes.”

“Rugby has changed my life,” Houghtailing said. “I have grown so much more confident and fallen in love with the sport. I didn’t want my last high school game to be my last time ever playing.”

Why Davenport?

“I chose Davenport because it just felt right,” Melcher said “It feels like a good start for my future and somewhere I will feel at home.”

“The Rugby team at Davenport is phenomenal,” Reyes said. “They have multiple national championships and are coached by the best”

“With the combination of an amazing Rugby and nursing program, Davenport is the perfect fit to pursue my two passions,” Houghtailing said.