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A map of where Ferris shut down will be located. Alternate routes for commuters would be to take Lincoln St. and turn onto US 31.

Sewer project shuts down Ferris St.

Abby Dzikowicz, Reporter October 6, 2021

Ferris St., specifically between 168th Ave. to 152nd Ave., is closed for a sewer project. Construction is estimated to finish around Oct. 30th.  Those living east of Ferris will be affected by heavy...

SAVE THE CATWALK: Resurfacing of the pier’s concrete infrastructure requires the catwalk to be lifted by a few inches. The catwalk’s future is in jeopardy unless the funds are raised to not only lift the catwalk but also to repair its deteriorating structure.  “It is so important for us to be able to keep this,” former city planning commission member Erin Turrell said. “I can’t imagine it not being there anymore.”

Pier pressure

Community rallies to preserve city landmark
Kevin Swain, Senior staff writer February 22, 2016

Since its construction in the late 19th century, the south pier has been a centerpiece, perhaps even the main focal point, of the Grand Haven community. Its features include a heavily-cracked concrete...

Parking gains

Parking gains

Plans made for new lot, road construction scheduled as part of 2014 bond proposal
Connor Weber, Senior Staff Writer January 18, 2016

Cars bob and weave, horns blare, and a sea of teen drivers painfully inch their way towards freedom and the open road. This is a scene unfolding on a daily basis, with many students finding themselves...

The new greenhouse will be built on the southwest side of the property. The area has been marked off but construction has not been started yet.

School prepares for greenhouse addition

Science teachers look forward to opportunities new building will bring
Alexis VanSingel, News Editor October 23, 2015

The construction plans for a new greenhouse are well on their way as administration and the science department organize and prepare for the addition to be built. The original plans were to have the...

Community celebrates building addition

Community celebrates building addition

Emily Bruch, News Editor September 17, 2015

A blue ribbon stretched across the front of the school on Wednesday night at a brief ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the new additions to the building. One of those ribbon-cutters was principal...

Construction complete

Emily Bruch, News editor September 8, 2015

  Tracy Wilson is looking forward to taking off her hard hat and getting back to her regular role as principal as the building construction comes to an end and the new school year begins. “It’s...

School Construction Plans

School Construction Plans

Emily Bruch, News Editor November 20, 2014

Each year, students and staff in the music and athletic departments work hard and strive for excellence. Due to the growth of these programs, there is a need for expansion projects for their facilities. “We...

The senior parking lot will be closed due to construction on the school. The drop-off lane is also closed and relocated to the senior parking.

Senior parking closing

Connor Weber , Reporter November 4, 2014

The parking lot will  look quite different starting Wednesday Nov. 5. With the beginning of our performing arts and athletic facility expansion projects, much of the student drop off lane, and a section...

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