Megan Zelenka


Senior Megan Zelenka was honored as a March Student of the Month alongside teacher Irene Sipe.

Brendan Vander Meer, Reporter

Senior Megan Zelenka was honored as a March Rotary Student of the Month on Monday, April 20. The ceremony was delayed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and was held virtually via Zoom. 

“I didn’t feel like I would be recognized for something like that but I was very honored to be,” Zelenka said. 

Although the ceremony was held virtually due to the outbreak of COVID-19, students were still able to choose one teacher of their choice to accompany them. Zelenka chose art teacher Mrs. Sipe for the ceremony. 

“I’ve really gotten to know her,” Zelenka said. “I’ve really gotten to know her really well and she’s been a great mentor in my art for me.”

Usually students attend the ceremony at the Grand Haven Community Center with community leaders and other figures. However, COVID-19 caused a delay in the ceremony and was held virtually with principal Tracy Wilson, the honorees and their teachers, and other community leaders. 

“I’m definitely not a big person for talking in front of people so it was a lot better sitting in my bedroom instead of in front of a bunch of people,” Zelenka said. “It was cool to see how many people are actually involved.”

Zelenka will be attending Grand Valley State University in the fall to study studio art and graphic design.