Hewitt to host first Greece/Italy trip meeting


Hewitt has several posters up around the school with further information for any students interested.

Fiona Dean, Reporter

English teacher Will Hewitt will host an after-school meeting in his classroom on Wednesday, Oct. 13 to discuss the trip to Greece and Italy he is organizing for students. Anyone is welcome to join. 


“[The meeting] will be broken up into two parts,” Hewitt said. “We’re going to talk about the itinerary, where we’re going to go, what we’re going to do… After that, the logistics. Different methods of payment, the process of getting a passport, meetings that are upcoming, and then registration.”


Hewitt’s inspiration for this trip originated from his grandfather, a British literature professor, who would lead trips for his students to the UK every winter, and his own experiences studying abroad. Hewitt himself is a mythology teacher, hence the reason for Greece and Italy over other countries. 


“More than anything,” Hewitt said, “it’s the idea of traveling with students and the teacher-student dynamic where we’re [in the place that the] things we’re studying actually happened. Nothing beats that.”