Choir thanks supporters after performance on Oct. 17


Karianne Turner

The Chamber Choir sings the “GHHS School Song.” Each choir held a concert in the Performing Arts Center on Oct. 17, mixing medleys like “Lean on Me” and “Prayer of Children.”

Karianne Turner, Arts Editor

The choir performed on Oct. 17. in the Performing Arts Center. Each choir sang a mixture of songs such as “Lean on Me” and “Prayer of Children.”

Junior Chelsey Robertson recognizes the encouragement they receive from parents and choir director Juli Dick.

“The support we get from parents and Mrs. Dick gives helps motivate us to keep making our choirs better,” Robertson said.

Soloists of the night included junior Kyle Nagy, senior Kelsey Brown, senior Hannah Carmean, sophomore Tess Decker, senior Addy Knoth, sophomore Anna Lubbers, sophomore Selaya Mwangu, senior David Slocum and junior Nick Vance. Percussionists, junior Leanna Sanchez and senior Conner Piotrzkowski, were also featured in songs “Keep Your Lamps” and “Tshotsholza.”