Firefighters arrive on scene after alarm is triggered


Luke Blauvelt

On Friday, Oct. 9 a fire truck from the Grand Haven township Fire Department arrives on scene after the fire alarms at Grand Haven high school were triggered.

Kevin Swain and Brianna Moynihan

The school’s fire alarm was set off on Friday during B lunch after a censor in pod 2 detected smoke in the ducts. The school’s Facility Manager Jeff Benson said that the cause of the alarm was either burnt food that was detected, or a nuisance trip in the detector system. A nuisance trip can happen when the system starts to collect dust and get dirty.

“There was no smoke when we went up and looked around, but it did smell like burnt food,” Benson said. “But there was no fire.”

Assistant Principal Mike Roberson reassured that there was no fire in the school.

“It was not a student-pulled one, it was an actual sensor in our system,” Roberson said. “Almost on a yearly basis, we have a sensor go bad, and they go off.”

After the alarm went off, the school’s fire doors were closed as students and staff evacuated the building, A couple minutes later, two firefighters from the Grand Haven Charter Township Fire/Rescue department entered the building. According to Ottawa County Sheriff’s Deputy, Ryan Devries, the school followed the proper procedures.

“Our number one priority is to get all of the students out safely and quickly,” Devries said. “Once we are sure everyone is safe, then we can investigate the source.”